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Besides the piscicultural resources being more and more reduced and, for consequence, the lacks increased from day to day, fishing is an extremely hard activity.

        The CETAP/SINORPLÁSTICOS contribution is made in order to ease its efforts and the real costs of the fishermen and to develop products that allow to fish, avoiding the destruction of the species, without losing the view of the future potentialities of this activity.

        With traditions in the area of R & D, supported by an excellent tooling and drawing department with a verified experience in the field of injected pieces, as well as in the extruded nets, CETAP/SINORPLÁSTICOS has all the required elements that can take you to a “good port”.

        The CETAP/SINORPLÁSTICOS is committed in fishings since 1965, in special in the production of plastic nets and accessory with high quality and long duration, for the production of cages for the capture of fish and crustaceans.

        Recently CETAP/SINORPLÁSTICOS has created and produced a new concept of cage – the Gold Collapsible Cage – patented models, offering to the fishermen a greater safety when handling the traps.

        The cages called the “Gold Collapsible Cages”, have exceptional capacities, which we want to put totally available to the fishermen scattered by the several zones of the world.

        These new traps have a reduced dimension in the boat / transport of about 1/3, and when the cages go to the waters, they assume their natural form of fishing.

        An important characteristic of these cages is to be equipped with two entrances, that can be regulated in accordance with the species to fish. On the other hand, the captured animals will suffer from an extremely low rate of stress.

        The cages developed by CETAP/SINORPLÁSTICOS are equipped with two escape zones according to the specimens to be protected, as well as the species to be captured.

        In case of loss or accident, the safety of the fishes and crustaceans will be guaranteed, because the two protection areas (escape zones) will open in useful time, by the degradation of the elements that support them.

        With these new cages, even the fishes will gain! From there:

"To fish, protecting the Fish"

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