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Founded in 1958, CETAP is an industrial company specializing in injection and extrusion in the plastic industry.

SINORPLASTICOS, LDA is a company that manufactures products of the brand CETAP, with the experience acquired over many years by specialized personnel, providing high quality and efficient services. He collaborates in several national and international projects. Its main objectives are the research and development of new techniques, products and solutions for the following areas: Agriculture, Garden, Fishing, Packaging, Construction and Industry in general.

SINORPLASTICOS, LDA brings together all the elements necessary for an excellent collaboration, with a R & D tradition, equipped with an excellent tools and design department and with proven experience in the field of injected parts as well as in the extrusion sector.

SINORPLASTICOS, LDA has been a market leader since the beginning of the 1980s. It manufactures one of the most complete European collections of seed trays for the following areas: Forestry, Fruit Growing, Horticulture, Floriculture and Vegetation Multiplication. And it also develops other products for agriculture: casks and carriers, fruit-pots and processes aimed at root pruning and transport.

At the level of plastic nets, it currently has an extensive range of products for various applications, such as: fence, decoration, mosquito net, windbreak, shade, individual protection of plants against (herbicides, rodents), sealing / protection of agricultural fields against animals, protection against moles, plant tutors, among others.

In the fisheries sector, it is proud to have introduced new processes, such as mouths for coves, which allow fishermen to profit from their trips to the sea, with the concern and duty to respect regulations and protect species . Fishing is a hard activity and the contribution of SINORPLASTICOS, LDA is to soften the efforts and real costs of fishermen and to develop products that allow fishing, avoiding the destruction of species, without losing sight of the future potential of this activity.

With regard to packaging, these products aim at the protection of fragile materials subject to damage during handling and transport. Moreover, because of the diversity of colors in which they can be manufactured, they function as a decorative element. In civil construction, its main guideline is safety at work, due to its applications, its pride is the rigor in its manufacture, having as purpose the quality and resistance.

The quality of the materials and the durability of the SINORPLASTICOS, LDA products is proven by its clients, spread over 5 continents.